What is TV as a service?

TVaaS provides a convenient and cost-effective way for users to access television programming and related services over the internet, without the need for expensive hardware or infrastructure.

What are benefits of TV as a Service for you and your audience?

Companies that would like to offer a TV service to their subscribers get all content and required technology as a Service. For example, an ISP uses a TV as Service offered by a Service company. The ISP can focus on marketing and customer service. All technological aspects as well as content licensing contracts are taken […]

On what platforms is TV as a service available?

TV as Service can be offerred on Phone, Tablet, media players, SmartTV’s and browsers. All technology behind the screens is offered and managed by the Service provider. Think about Transcoding, Content delivery, scaling of the service, back ups, content protection.

Is TV as a service available in all regions?

All technology to offer TV as a Service can be offered by any company around the world. These service providers combine the MwareTV platform with local content and offer the total package to ISPs and other companies that would like to offer TV services to their subscribers.

Why choose MwareTV as your TV as a service provider?

MwareTV offers the integrated suite of products and services to offer TV service to your customers. You can describe it as the ERP for TV based services. Transcoding solutions, on-premised and cloud based streaming solutions, TV Management System and Apps are offered a a total package.   In USA, Brazil and Africa MwareTV can even help […]

What makes our TV as a Service solution unique?

The MwareTV platform support multi-tenancy and allows service providers and system integrators to offer a TV and Video On Demand solution to many of their customers on one platform. All customer can have their own commercial operation, branding and their own App. In a multi-tenant system, the software is designed to accommodate multiple companies, each […]

Why request MwareTV to start your TV service for you?

MwareTV makes TV simple. We offer all the technology behind the screens, from apps for customers to the management of your TV and Video on Demand service. Of course, apps on mobile, tablet, smart TVs, media players, and webTV, the heart of the service, the TV Management System (to manage the content, product, subscriber management, […]

How do I get started with my ready to use TV service platform?

The process is as simple as the service itself. Contact MwareTV or mail to sales@mwaretv.com. Discuss your project requirements and together we define the best approach. Get a demo in your own look and feel. Get a quotation. Sign the contract. A dedicated project team works with your team to launch the IPTV service in […]