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Your installed base still able to support state of the art features.

Historically, Linux Set-top boxes were often used for TV services. These services were custom build projects requiring software development to integrate the end user application with the Set-top box. Nowadays, people expect new features, mobile Apps and modern user interfaces. New TV systems are needed to facilitate the change.

But is it really a case of out with the old and in with the new?  MwareTV offers solutions that integrate the installed Linux set top base with a new TV system.

CloudTV was designed to enable operators to deliver a consistent, customized and refreshed TV experience to their installed base of IPTV Set-top boxes. It brings graphical EPG, Video on Demand and OTT services like CatchupTV to Set-top boxes with no browser or limited graphical capabilities. It enables operators to use a next generation of TV based services across the range of Set-top boxes deployed in their network.

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