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IPTV/OTT boxes for superior performance

Enhance your streaming experience with our IPTV/OTT boxes.

Give your customers the best user experience.

Offer your customers a branded IPTV/OTT box to complete your TV service. With an IPTV/OTT box you take control over the quality your customers gets, because you control the hardware, memory, installed apps and OS version.

If you want to take your service to the next level we also offer a Device Management system to deploy OTA updates and various support features.

Every TV service its own unique device

User Experience

Optimal integration of device and MwareTV results in quality of service your subscribers would expect.

Custom Branding

Strengthen your brand identity with branding options for packaging, the device and user interface and even own casing and remote control.

Device Specifications

Select from a range of technical specifications, creating a device that supports your customers the best way, from high end to a cost effective solution.

OTA & Monitoring

Remote control, assist, manage, maintain, configure, track and lock your devices through a single interface, making sure they are ready and optimized at all times.

State of the art set top box

MW809, the perfect choice to offer a high Quality of Service. Supports 4K. Amlogic 905X2 processor, 2 GB RAM, 8 GB Flash, dual Wi-Fi, Bluethooth Remote Control, Power Adaptor, HDMI cable and manual.

Cost Effective

Supports LiveTV and VoD in HD format. MW409, 2 GB RAM, 8 GB Flash, 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi, IR remote control, power adaptor, HDMI cable and manual.

Mobile Networks

TV based sevices via your mobile network. The MwareTV set top boxes are available with build in LTE or 4G & 5G modules for a easy and immediate use for your mobile customers.

Hybrid Set-top boxes

Combine tradtional distribution like DVB-S and T with OTT based services.

Designed for hospitality

MwareTV offers an intelligent hospitality Terminal, called TERMONE, with all features to make your stay in hotel or hospital more convenient.

High-end Specifications

A311D Amlogic chipset, xxx RAM, xxx GB Flash, 21” Touchscreen, Android 11, multiple interfaces to connect devices, like earphone, and special Phone cradle and VESA mounting options.

Remote Management

Option for automated enterprise wide device management and or OTA.

Integrated TV Service

The Terminal could be offered with an integrated multi-tenant platform to facilitate the TV service your organization offers.

Android AOSP or AndroidTV

The operator system you choose for you Set-top box is a very important one. In the old days you could choose from Linux and Android, these days the choice is between Android AOSP and AndroidTV.


Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but both will give your customers a superb user experience. Our consultants are happy to guide you through this process and explain in details what each choice will mean for your business.


The MW809HD is our flag ship product, a high quality, IPTV & OTT Android based Set-top box. 

Some facts:

64Bit Quad Core
2 Gb Memory
8 Gb Storage
LAN & WiFi
Google Widevine
Luxury Packaging
Voice Remote

Transparent Background (2) - MW809 Set-Top Box from the front, provided by MwareTV
The back side of a set top box MW409, provided by MwareTV


The MW409HD is a very cost effective IPTV & OTT Android based Set-top box. 


Some facts:


16Bit Quad Core
2 Gb Memory
8 Gb Storage
LAN & WiFi
Google Widevine


The TERMinal ONE is the first Android based bedside terminal in the world that combines high quality and hygienic design with IPTV & OTT services. It is purposely designed for the Hospitality industry such as Hospitals & Hotels. 

Some facts:

21,5″ Screen 1920HD
Easy Mountable
64Bit Quad Core
2 Gb Memory
32 Gb Storage
LAN & WiFi
Phone Cradle & RJ11
Google Widevine
Touch Panel
Luxury Packaging
Styling Remote

Terminal One frontview that's turned on showing the platform with various movies and channels

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Man on stage presenting something
TVMS mobile features

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An OTT (Over-The-Top) TV box is a streaming device that connects to a television to stream video content directly over the internet without the need for traditional broadcast, cable, or satellite TV services. It uses apps like Netflix, Hulu, or bespoke platforms to deliver content.

The best IPTV box depends on your specific needs and budget, but MwareTV offers high-performance IPTV/OTT boxes that are optimized for streaming with robust hardware, seamless user interfaces, and extensive compatibility with various streaming formats and services.

Yes, Apple TV is an OTT device that allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and other content directly over the internet. It also supports apps and games, integrating well with other Apple services.

Yes, Amazon Firestick is a type of OTT device. It plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and provides access to a variety of streaming services and apps over your internet connection.

Yes, Roku devices are considered OTT boxes because they provide access to a vast array of streaming services without the need for cable or satellite subscriptions. Roku offers both streaming sticks and set-top box models.

To use an OTT TV box, connect it to your TV via an HDMI cable, connect it to the internet through Wi-Fi or a wired connection, and then install the streaming apps you wish to use. Log into your accounts, and you can start streaming content directly on your TV.

To add OTT services to your TV, you can use an OTT device like a streaming stick or box (e.g., MwareTV box, Roku, Amazon Firestick). Simply connect the device to your TV, set up an internet connection, download the streaming apps you want, and log in to start watching.

To add IPTV to your Android box:


1. Ensure your Android box is connected to the internet.

2. Download an IPTV app (such as MwareTV or another provider).

3. Enter your subscription details or load your IPTV playlist.

4. Launch the app and start streaming your channels.


These answers can help guide your users, providing them with the information they need while highlighting the features and benefits of your products.

While many smart TVs come with built-in streaming capabilities, an IPTV/OTT box can enhance your viewing experience by offering more powerful hardware, broader app compatibility, and additional features like improved user interfaces and faster updates.

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