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Android TV

A growing installed base to keep in mind

SmartTVs using the Android operating system are getting traction in the consumer markets. Users of Android TV benefit from the existing infrastructure of Google Play Store which makes it easy to include this device in your device portfolio. Apps and user interfaces from MwareTV are fully featured and easy to configure in the User Interface Toolkit of the OTT and IPTV Management System. Because, buying “off-the-shelf” no longer means you have to compromise on design and flexibility. Your subscribers will love it.
  • Enjoy Live TV and Radio Channels
  • Select your moment to watch with InteractiveTV including CatchupTV, PauseTV, ReplayTV
  • Industries fastest TV Guide
  • Record your program with CloudPVR
  • Binch Series
  • Watch a Movie
  • Listen to Music
  • Benefit from the Play Store to use all your other favorite Apps

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