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How do I get started with my ready to use TV service platform?

The process is as simple as the service itself. Contact MwareTV or mail to sales@mwaretv.com. Discuss your project requirements and together we define the best approach. Get a demo in your own look and feel. Get a quotation. Sign the contract. A dedicated project team works with your team to launch the IPTV service in […]

Why request MwareTV to start your TV service for you?

MwareTV makes TV simple. We offer all the technology behind the screens, from apps for customers to the management of your TV and Video on Demand service. Of course, apps on mobile, tablet, smart TVs, media players, and webTV, the heart of the service, the TV Management System (to manage the content, product, subscriber management, […]

What makes our TV as a Service solution unique?

The MwareTV platform support multi-tenancy and allows service providers and system integrators to offer a TV and Video On Demand solution to many of their customers on one platform. All customer can have their own commercial operation, branding and their own App. In a multi-tenant system, the software is designed to accommodate multiple companies, each […]

Why choose MwareTV as your IPTV CDN provider?

To select a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for an IPTV and or OTT service, key selection criteria include network coverage, performance, scalability, security, cost, support, and integration. The CDN should have a large network coverage, with servers located in strategic geographical locations to ensure fast and reliable content delivery. It should offer high-performance capabilities, with […]

What are the benefits of using a CDN for IPTV and OTT services?

Improved reliability and scalability: CDNs are designed to distribute content to multiple locations, which makes them more reliable and scalable than traditional hosting solutions. . Faster content delivery: CDNs can deliver content faster by caching and distributing it from servers that are located closer to viewers. This reduces the latency and buffering time for viewers. […]

Is a CDN for IPTV and OTT secure and safe to use?

A CDN for IPTV and OTT is secure and safe to use. Content is normally protected in the transcoding and packager process at the transcoder. The secure output is used as input for the CDN to stream the content to the end user devices. Arrived at the device, content will be decrypted by the device […]

What services does our IPTV CDN include?

MwareTV offers 3 different CDN solutions: A private CDN is a content delivery network that is exclusively owned and operated by a single organization. It is used to deliver high-quality and secure content to the organization’s audience. Private CDNs are often used inside the networks of the telecommunication company, but they require a larger investment […]

Why use a CDN for my IPTV OTT service?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is used to improve the quality and reliability of the streaming experience for the audience. By distributing the video content across a network of servers located in various geographical locations, the CDN can reduce the distance that the video content needs to travel over the […]

Why choose MwareTV as your TV as a service provider?

MwareTV offers the integrated suite of products and services to offer TV service to your customers. You can describe it as the ERP for TV based services. Transcoding solutions, on-premised and cloud based streaming solutions, TV Management System and Apps are offered a a total package.   In USA, Brazil and Africa MwareTV can even help […]

Is TV as a service available in all regions?

All technology to offer TV as a Service can be offered by any company around the world. These service providers combine the MwareTV platform with local content and offer the total package to ISPs and other companies that would like to offer TV services to their subscribers.

On what platforms is TV as a service available?

TV as Service can be offerred on Phone, Tablet, media players, SmartTV’s and browsers. All technology behind the screens is offered and managed by the Service provider. Think about Transcoding, Content delivery, scaling of the service, back ups, content protection.

What are benefits of TV as a Service for you and your audience?

Companies that would like to offer a TV service to their subscribers get all content and required technology as a Service. For example, an ISP uses a TV as Service offered by a Service company. The ISP can focus on marketing and customer service. All technological aspects as well as content licensing contracts are taken […]

What is TV as a service?

TVaaS provides a convenient and cost-effective way for users to access television programming and related services over the internet, without the need for expensive hardware or infrastructure.

Which content license does MwareTV recommend for new streaming services?

Ultimately, the specific types of licenses that a new streaming service should pursue will depend on a variety of factors, including the target audience, budget, and content goals of the service. Why not ask MwareTV’s experts to determine the best course of action for their specific situation? For a new streaming service, it may be […]

What is the duration of content license agreements provided by MwareTV?

The financial parameters that are typically used in VOD (Video-On-Demand) and live TV content licensing can vary depending on the specific terms negotiated between the content owner/licensor and the licensee. However, some common parameters may include: License fee: The amount of money that the licensee pays to the licensor for the right to distribute the […]

Which types of content license agreement does MwareTV offer?

MwareTV offers TV as Service. It combines all technology including the Apps, all technology behind the screens and the contracts for the TV channels. For the USA we offer more than 200 national and regional channels in one contract. For Brazil we can offer appealing well know TV channels For the African continent we offer […]

How do I license video content for my streaming platform?

Licensing video content for a streaming platform involves obtaining the legal right to use copyrighted material from the content owners. It is important to work with experienced legal and licensing professionals to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and avoid any potential copyright infringement issues. 1. Contact MwareTV team MwareTV cooperates with content […]

What devices work with IPTV and OTT?

IPTV normally only works with a Set-top box that is connected to your TV. OTT can be used on any devices that are connected to the internet. Mobile phones, tablets, Media players like AppleTV, Roku and the FireTV stick, SmartTVs and PC/Macs.

What are the benefits of licensing your OTT content by MwareTV?

OTT, or Over the Top, means content can be viewed at any place, at any time and by anyone with an internet connection. This removes the limitations of traditional cable networks.   Local interests may differ, Operators might want to target different user groups, or have a strategy in place to offer value added services […]