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Maximize your reach with our CDN Solutions

Expert CDN solutions for seamless OTT and IPTV distribution.

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Powerful content distribution solutions for your IPTV & OTT services.

Your customers use a variety of devices such as mobiles, Set-top boxes, media players and SmartTVs, each with their own network characteristics. Our content delivery solutions are optimized for all types of internet connections and even the new 5G. We offer our CDN for IPTV and OTT services in 3 variants: Public CDN, Private CDN or Hybrid CDN. All of them are cost effective, fast and highly secure. As well as live streaming your TV channels we can also take care of your VoD streaming and secure fast storage for your CatchupTV, DVR and VoD content.

Solutions for every situation

Global network

130 countries, 1700 networks, 10,000s of PoPs strategically located in data centers of all major ISPs around the world.

100% uptime

With the distributed architecture we're closer to your audience, and can provide a consistent, high-quality media experience.

Work like the big brands

You have access to features that the world’s most influential online brands use to deliver their video-streaming events and services.

Pay as you grow

No investment required, you use the CDN as a Service, based on data usage. And you benefit from our wholesale arrangement.

Your own streaming infrastructure

Private CDNs are built in your own networks by combining Streaming Servers to optimize the use of the network.

Scale with content consumption

Start with one server and with the growing usage expand the capacity by deploying a PoP network topology.

Optimize your infrastructure

Deploy TV and VoD content to all subscribers with a minimium impact on the existing infrastructure.


20% of your content supports 80% of your viewers. Edge caching servers reduce network traffic with more than 75%.

Secure and effective

Your content never leaves your network walled garden, optimizing your connectivity to the public internet.

Hybrid CDN combines Private and Public CDN

Combine the advantages of the Private CDN and use the Public CDN as backup.

Guarantee quality of service

Your end users will have a guaranteed availability of your TV service, no matter the scenario.

Support multiple markets

Provide your TV service to your ISP customers with your Private CDN and new markets by a Public CDN.

Be prepared
for events

If all viewers watch events. A Public CDN account assures continuious availability of your TV Service.

Public CDN

Public CDN is a global CDN with PoPs all around the world.

  • Never be offline 100% online guarantee
  • Strategically placed in 10,000 data centers around the world
  • Right in the datacenter of almost every ISPs in the world

Private CDN

Private CDN is a more logical setup like in the network of an ISP.

  • Run CDN from your own data center
  • Build your own CDN with PoPs in your own network
  • The content never leaves your walled garden

Hybrid CDN

Hybrid CDN uses Private CDN as first and Public CDN as a backup.

  • All the advantages of the Private CDN
  • Public CDN as backup
  • Offer local via Private CDN and outside via Public CDN

Highly Secured CDN for IPTV & OTT services

We make sure your content is secured from theft, copying or unwanted access. We do this with a number of techniques.

  • Enhanced Proxy Detection: filter out VPN connections
  • GEO-Guard: lock your customers to a certain region
  • Token Auth: token based content restriction
  • Enterprise Stream Access: see this as VPN 2.0
  • DRM: deliver a scrambled stream to your end users


If you want to learn more about how we do this, visit our support page.

a CDN for a secure and stable TV service

Powerful streaming with our CDN on IPTV and OTT devices


Gigabytes Streamed


Movies & Series Streamed


Several infrastructural, technical and financial aspects need be reviewed to select the best CDN solution for your project. The advise could even be different for the startup, scale up phase or grown up stage.

The best advise we can give is to talk with experts and review the options. MwareTV has a team of streaming experts that will listen to your plans. Together you will make the best choice, combined with the other building blocks to complete the IPTV OTT platform: e.g. transcoding, middleware, the Apps, and the billing system.

A CDN for IPTV and OTT is secure and safe to use. Content is normally protected in the transcoding and packager process at the transcoder. The secure output is used as input for the CDN to stream the content to the end user devices. Arrived at the device, content will be decrypted by the device or app and played on screen.

  • Improved reliability and scalability: CDNs are designed to distribute content to multiple locations, which makes them more reliable and scalable than traditional hosting solutions. .
  • Faster content delivery: CDNs can deliver content faster by caching and distributing it from servers that are located closer to viewers. This reduces the latency and buffering time for viewers.
  • Cost savings: CDNs can help IPTV and OTT providers save money on bandwidth and hosting costs by reducing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted over long distances. This is especially important for providers that offer their services to viewers in multiple regions or countries.
  • Improved security: CDNs can help to protect IPTV and OTT content from unauthorized access or distribution. By using encryption and other security measures, CDNs can help to prevent content piracy and protect the intellectual property of content providers.
  • Analytics and reporting: Many CDNs provide detailed analytics and reporting tools that can help IPTV and OTT providers to monitor their content delivery and viewer engagement.

At MwareTV we promise to deliver you the best scalable CDN solutions fit for your business.

MwareTV offers 3 different CDN solutions:

  1. A private CDN is a content delivery network that is exclusively owned and operated by a single organization. It is used to deliver high-quality and secure content to the organization’s audience. Private CDNs are often used inside the networks of the telecommunication company, but they require a larger investment in infrastructure and maintenance.
  2. A public CDN is a content delivery network that is available to anyone for use. It is used to deliver high-quality and scalable content to a broad audience. Public CDNs offer cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions for content delivery. MwareTV offers the publix CDN at attractive rates and conditions.
  3. A hybrid CDN combines the benefits of both private and public CDNs to deliver content. It utilizes a combination of private and public CDN services to provide greater flexibility and scalability. Hybrid CDNs offer a customizable and cost-effective solution for organizations to meet their content delivery needs.

A CDN can stream video content on any network  and internet connection that is suitable for streaming video. Broadband internet, Mobile 3G, 4G, 5G  internet, Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet connections can all be used.

It is recommended to optimize the content for streaming on the target network and expected internet connection of the end users (e.g. SD consumes more data than HD quality videos).

To select a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for an IPTV and or OTT service, key selection criteria include network coverage, performance, scalability, security, cost, support, and integration. The CDN should have a large network coverage, with servers located in strategic geographical locations to ensure fast and reliable content delivery. It should offer high-performance capabilities, with low latency and minimal buffering.

The CDN should be scalable to accommodate changes in traffic and demand for the IPTV OTT service. It should also have robust security measures to protect the content and prevent unauthorized access. The CDN should be cost-effective, with transparent pricing structures that are flexible and scalable. Reliable and responsive customer support is also essential, with 24/7 technical assistance to address any issues. Lastly, the CDN should be compatible with the IPTV OTT service platform, with easy integration and configuration options.

The streaming experts of MwareTV will advise you the best CDN solution for your specific project.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is used to improve the quality and reliability of the streaming experience for the audience. By distributing the video content across a network of servers located in various geographical locations, the CDN can reduce the distance that the video content needs to travel over the internet, resulting in faster load times and a higher quality viewing experience. Additionally, a CDN can help to reduce network congestion and minimize buffering issues that can occur during high traffic periods. By delivering the video content from a server that is closest to the viewer’s location, a CDN can ensure that the audience receives a high-quality and consistent streaming experience, regardless of their location or network conditions.

MwareTV offers CDN as part of the total system needed to facilitate IPTV and OTT services. Integrated with the Transcoders, optimized for expected number of users and diversity of locations. For each project the best solution will be recommended taking into account the technical and financial aspects (i.e. investments).Furthermore, MwareTV is a wholesale partner of Akamai, the nr. 1 public CDN provider in the world. Due to the worldwide volumes of consumed data, MwareTV offers very cost effective rates.

What is the best solution for my project

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