Companies that would like to offer a TV service to their subscribers get all content and required technology as a Service. For example, an ISP uses a TV as Service offered by a Service company. The ISP can focus on marketing and customer service. All technological aspects as well as content licensing contracts are taken care of by the service provider.

MwareTV supports service providers and system integrators to offer TV as a Service to their customer base. Of course with the MwareTV platform covering an end to solution, but also with marketing and sales support to find the best approach for the specific markets. ISPs work together to benefit from each other with knowledge, resources and of course by combining their buying power. The MwareTV platform is an excellent solution for these cooperatives. All participants can have their own commercial operation, branding and their own App. The group decides which resources to share and which are used exclusively. The advantages are numerous: 1 project to implement the TV Service for all ISPs, limited investment and a fast time to market.