• Improved reliability and scalability: CDNs are designed to distribute content to multiple locations, which makes them more reliable and scalable than traditional hosting solutions. .
  • Faster content delivery: CDNs can deliver content faster by caching and distributing it from servers that are located closer to viewers. This reduces the latency and buffering time for viewers.
  • Cost savings: CDNs can help IPTV and OTT providers save money on bandwidth and hosting costs by reducing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted over long distances. This is especially important for providers that offer their services to viewers in multiple regions or countries.
  • Improved security: CDNs can help to protect IPTV and OTT content from unauthorized access or distribution. By using encryption and other security measures, CDNs can help to prevent content piracy and protect the intellectual property of content providers.
  • Analytics and reporting: Many CDNs provide detailed analytics and reporting tools that can help IPTV and OTT providers to monitor their content delivery and viewer engagement.

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