What are the benefits of licensing your OTT content by MwareTV?

OTT, or Over the Top, means content can be viewed at any place, at any time and by anyone with an internet connection. This removes the limitations of traditional cable networks.   Local interests may differ, Operators might want to target different user groups, or have a strategy in place to offer value added services […]

How do I license video content for my streaming platform?

Licensing video content for a streaming platform involves obtaining the legal right to use copyrighted material from the content owners. It is important to work with experienced legal and licensing professionals to ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and avoid any potential copyright infringement issues. 1. Contact MwareTV team MwareTV cooperates with content […]

Which types of content license agreement does MwareTV offer?

MwareTV offers TV as Service. It combines all technology including the Apps, all technology behind the screens and the contracts for the TV channels. For the USA we offer more than 200 national and regional channels in one contract. For Brazil we can offer appealing well know TV channels For the African continent we offer […]

What is the duration of content license agreements provided by MwareTV?

The financial parameters that are typically used in VOD (Video-On-Demand) and live TV content licensing can vary depending on the specific terms negotiated between the content owner/licensor and the licensee. However, some common parameters may include: License fee: The amount of money that the licensee pays to the licensor for the right to distribute the […]

Which content license does MwareTV recommend for new streaming services?

Ultimately, the specific types of licenses that a new streaming service should pursue will depend on a variety of factors, including the target audience, budget, and content goals of the service. Why not ask MwareTV’s experts to determine the best course of action for their specific situation? For a new streaming service, it may be […]

What are the benefits of licensed IPTV content by MwareTV

When it comes to content licensing, every region or country has its own laws and local practices.   First of all, what is IPTV? IPTV, or Internet Protocol television, is often defined as content that can only be used across the network of, for example an Internet Service Provider, or within the network of a […]

For which regions does MwareTV provide content licensing contracts?

MwareTV is able to offer content licensing for Africa, both English and French speaking countries throughout Africa (including World Cup 2022 coverage for the Sub-Sahara French speaking countries) Brazil Spanish speaking countries across South America USA   We are currently working with partners to add more countries in the future.