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Things You Should Know About Cloud Transcoding!

· September 8, 2017
When we talk about OTT/IPTV Middleware for online streaming, there are many terms we come across, Cloud Transcoding being one of them.

When we talk about OTT/IPTV Middleware for online streaming, there are many terms we come across, Cloud Transcoding being one of them. With the enhancement in technology, a paradigm shift from traditional modes of broadcasting like satellite TV or through cable operators are shifting towards internet based streaming and , Transcoding in OTT/IPTV Middleware has played a amazing role foring play cloud based streaming in today’s world. Well before moving further, the term transcoding should be vividly understood. Transcoding is a part of cloud encoding which is used to produce live events in order to broadcast with unstable outbound bandwidth.

Basic Insights of Cloud Transcoding for OTT/IPTV Middleware:

There are two different approaches for Cloud encoding:

  1. Compressing on-demand files and Transcoding live streams for adaptive streaming which is used for much iteration.
  2. Cloud-based video transcoding converts video for playback over a broad array of media players, devices, operating systems and browsers that are using infinite salable, parallel processing capabilities of cloud computing.
  3. Live transcoding is very much stronger as it solves the outbound bandwidth issues that reduce the on-site encoding costs and such issues afflict all live producers.
  4. The mode of streaming is Internet and the element is LIVE streaming but it doesn’t share the problem occurred by the encoding, which is an upload time.
  5. It supports the large and small steaming producers who are moving to the cloud.
  6. The transcoding enables the users to access the content, where a OTT/IPTV Middleware comes into the picture.
  7. In case of payment, users only pay for the transcoding.
  8. The Robust cloud-based encoding solutions provide added services including features of customization and editing. Moreover, a packaging option like digital rights management and closed captioning is also provided by it.

Responsibility of OTT/IPTV Middleware towards Cloud Transcoding

  1. Middleware’s cloud transcoding has an impeccable effect as API allows the users to deliver adaptive streaming to multiple devices from a single origin stream.
  2. Middleware’s cloudMiddleware cloudMiddleware, users/viewers are happy with the entertainment as it provides the amazing user experience; high quality user experience on their device of choice.



Process of Cloud

  • First step is Request:
    The API request is sent for publishing a real time stream for live transcoding job.
  • Second step is Transcoding:
    Middleware’s Cloud transcoding API enables the content providers to deliver adaptive streaming from a single Real time origin streaming.
  • Notification:
    In this phase, streams become available for playback, Midlleware sends HTTP notifications with published bitrates and formats.



  1. Support: It covers Support for Input and output files.
    Examples are: Support nearly every format and codeac, a lot more for input and for Web playback, adaptive streaming, Transmuxing etc.
  2. Quality and editing: It carries video quality features, Audio and Video manipulation, examples are : Flexible bit rate control: CBR, VBR, ABR and constant quality. Moreover, HD, Ultra High Definition(UHD) encoding.
  3. Account & Integration- Middleware provides a simple API for high-quality, fast & scalable video encoding.
  4. Adaptive Streaming
  5. Globally distributed
  6. Platform & Security- Over 99.9% encoding success rate, Automatic scaling, unlimited scalability & a lot more.

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