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Market Research Inc Cloud TV market analysis

The Cloud TV market has been analyzed by the market research company Market Research. MwareTV (Mware Solutions) is indicated as one of the  Key Company players in their Global Cloud TV Market Research Report 2021-2029. For more information you can reads the Report Summary.     .

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MwareTV offers a one-stop Managed IPTV Service at NAB

The headlines Single contract for content and technology </br> More than 200 US national and regional channels</br> TV as a Service, cloud-hosted, readily understood charges for solid business case   Telcos, ISPs and other service providers recognise that television services are valuable, bringing in additional revenue and reducing subscriber churn. The challenge, though, is not […]

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PikoTV partners with MwareTV for complete live TV streaming solution

The highlights PikoTV offers end-to-end solution from multi-format transcoding to middleware and apps for end users CatchupTV, CloudPVR, DRM and VoD supported Seamless integration, easy implementation and fully cloud-hosted   PikoTV, based in Istanbul, Turkey, which specialises in broadcast headend solutions for streaming services, offers a wide range of software solutions for key streaming requirements […]

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MwareTV Collaborates with Alibaba Cloud to Provide One-stop Video Services

The highlights Multi-channel service including interactive television, catch-up and VoD, and AI-driven content recommendations MwareTV’s one-stop Video Services accessible through Alibaba Cloud Marketplace Will also run on Alibaba Cloud, distributed through Alibaba Cloud’s CDN   MwareTV has already achieved significant international success with its cloud-hosted television service. Its TV platform provides all the functionality required […]

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No code App builder facilitates African Telco’s to launch TV service

The complete interview can be seen here: The following questions were addressed by Akim (select the link and go directly to the related part of the interview). What is MwareTV showcasing this year at the IBC Can you tell more about the new App Builder How does MwareTV help operators in Africa to scale and […]

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Beyond the TV Screen: How Set-Top Boxes Offer a Comprehensive User Experience

The traditional TV experience, once the cornerstone of home entertainment, now faces a host of limitations in the age of digital innovation. Static channels, limited interactivity, and scheduling constraints have left viewers yearning for more.  This article explores the constraints of traditional television and how set-top boxes have emerged as transformative tools, extending the viewing […]

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MwareTV’s IPTV Middleware: A Seamless Viewing Experience

In the dynamic landscape of digital entertainment, IPTV Middleware is emerging as an integral player. As the invisible force powering Internet Protocol Television services (IPTV), it plays a vital role in providing a seamless content viewing experience. Harnessing the potential of this technology, MwareTV has developed robust IPTV Middleware solutions, designed to deliver smooth, easy-to-navigate, […]

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Television as a Service thanks to content and platform from MwareTV

Highlights Single contract for content and technology Simple way to integrate local channels No-code App Builder to create bespoke clients on any device Telco’s, ISPs and other service providers see television services as potentially big earners, and a way to retain subscribers,” said MwareTV CEO Sander Kerstens. “The idea of building a delivery system, integration […]

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Daniel Conde Coto joins MwareTV to strengthen its operations in the Americas

Daniel Conde Coto holds a degree from the University of Deusto in Spain and an MBA from the prestigious Haas School of Business at the University of California. His career took off as a pilot for Iberia, spanning ten years before he transitioned to the streaming and media industry. In this new phase, Daniel assumed […]

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How CDN technology optimizes streaming quality and reduces latency for operators

Table of contents Understanding CDN technology The Impact of CDN on streaming quality Reducing latency: CDN’s role Pros and cons of CDNs for operators CDN optimization techniques Real-world applications and case studies Integrating CDN with existing infrastructure Conclusion   Understanding CDN technology A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers that deliver […]

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