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OTT IPTV Financial Business Consultancy

The market for OTT/IPTV services is growing rapidly and more new kids on the block enter this exiting market next to the traditional telco’s and cable operators. Some of these operators are looking for additional support and a sparring partner to finalise their business plan. Recently, Mware Solutions started to successfully assist these companies building a financial business […]

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MwareTV to offer a fully managed IPTV service in the US

The highlights Over 200 US national and regional channels available Faster time to market, with a single contract to cover all channels Fully cloud-hosted and offered as software-as-a-service   This content partnership means that users can launch their services with a comprehensive range of national and regional television channels. This speeds still further the time […]

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MwareTV offers a one-stop Managed IPTV Service at NAB

The headlines Single contract for content and technology </br> More than 200 US national and regional channels</br> TV as a Service, cloud-hosted, readily understood charges for solid business case   Telcos, ISPs and other service providers recognise that television services are valuable, bringing in additional revenue and reducing subscriber churn. The challenge, though, is not […]

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The difference Between IPTV and OTT

What is IPTV? IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV is a traditional TV service that uses an internet connection to deliver television channels to your home. It’s similar to how cable works today — you get a box or set-top box from your provider (like DirecTV) and connect it to your TV via HDMI […]

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