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OTT IPTV Financial Business Consultancy

IPTV OTT · May 23, 2017
More and more requests by OTT/IPTV operators for Financial Business Consultancy

The market for OTT/IPTV services is growing rapidly and more new kids on the block enter this exiting market next to the traditional telco’s and cable operators. Some of these operators are looking for additional support and a sparring partner to finalise their business plan.

Recently, Mware Solutions started to successfully assist these companies building a financial business case which is used by these operators as a financial guideline for the first years of their OTT/IPTV operation.
In addition, the financial business case can be used to attract additional investors for the OTT/IPTV project of the operator.

Based on the input / assumptions provided by the OTT/IPTV operator, Mware Solutions and the operator cooperate to develop and finalize an achievable and realistic Financial plan.

Financial business case – assumptions (amongst others)

  • The content and subscription offer to the subscriber
  • Optimize and minimize the Head end and network infrastructure, to save investments
  • Projected subscriber growth
  • Distribution method (resellers / own shops / e-commerce / retailers)
  • Usage of Content Distribution Networks to optimize the quality of the streams
  • OTT/IPTV platform requirements and costs



  • Profit & Loss statements for several years
  • Cash flow forecasts


Scenario analyses

  • Expected case scenario
  • Lower case scenario
  • Risks involved


Profitability of the OTT/IPTV project

  • When will the project achieve a break even situation
  • When will the investment be paid back
  • What is the projected return on the investment

We have learned from several cases, the cooperation between the operator and Mware Solutions results in a robust plan that has the best chance to become a success.

Please contact us, if we can assist you in being the next successful OTT/IPTV provider.