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TVMS the most flexible TV Platform

Cloud based IPTV & OTT Middleware Platform

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TVMS, IPTV & OTT Middleware Platform

The heart of your TV service, the TVMS connects your content to your subscribers. Setup in four easy to manage modules, it allows you to control all your services from one panel: CMS, CRM, Analytics, UI Toolkit and API Connector. The TVMS was designed as a white label true multi-tenant IPTV & OTT middleware platform, giving you unlimited options to diversify your services.

All the management tools you need

Zero Coding Platform

An easy to use platform with an intuitive interface to configure all aspects of the TV service. No programming experience required.

The ERP for TV services

Launch your TV service in weeks (instead of months or even years) with the complete and configurable platform.

Cloud based

MwareTV is cloud based with all advantages like unlimited scalability, guaranteed 100% uptime for customers and cost effective pay as you grow license model.


Support multiple brands or offer a white label TV as a Service (TVsaaS) to third parties to monetize your investment even better.

Manage your content

Point and click configuration of LiveTV & Radio Channels, Movies, Series, Music, Education and Apps (on Set-top boxes).

Configure and control

Add or import and manage meta data of the content, EPG and define the presentation in the user interface.


Configure CatchupTV, PauseTV, ReplayTV and CloudPVR for each preferred LiveTV channel.

Movies and Series

Benefit from our integrated meta data service to easily add new content and present in an appealing way.

VoD workflow

Setup and manage your VoD and Series workflow with automated content transcoding and distribution.

Pay Per View

Serve your content as SVOD (subscription based) and/or as TVOD (transaction based) with our credit system or with your local currency.


Group your content in easy to manage packages which can be combined into a product or as individual extra packages to be sold to your customers.

Transcoder Mgmt

Manage your transcoders from with the TVMS, setup DRM, CatchupTV, DVR and many other settings.

Manage commercials

The CRM module offers a complete set of tools to manage the commercial part of your TV Service.

Product Management

Define and manage multiple Products for different markets by combining Content, Payment plans and a User Interface.


Select the best business model for your Service, Subscriptions, Pay Per View, Advertisements or Freemium / Premium.


Automated workflow with Shopping cards like Shopify or develop a customized approach with the complete set of APIs.


Manage all your subscribers and customer data with a complete overview for excellent Customer support.


For each situation the best solution, Subscription specific communication, push notifications and mailings with mail and text messages.


Banners and Campaigns, Pre and midroll advertisements, VAST 3.0 and 4.0 services like Google Adsense and the advance SSAI.


Gain market reach: let your reseller network manage their own resellers, and these resellers their resellers.

App Builder

Customize a unique UI for each market in just 3 steps: select the UI Template, configure it and Publish your App.

Multiple templates

Personal and cultural preference: with the Akua, Honua or Iridium User Interface customize the expected end user experience for your audience.

Complete an intuitive

The graphical configurator, the UI Menu and Settings module guide you to create a unique user experience.

Seamless experience

On each device subscribers a similar experience, making your TV Service a pleasure to use.


An intuitive Dashboard offers insight information about the use of your TV Service.


Offers 7, 30 and 90 days standard reports fabout the favorite content, used devices and time spent with the service.

Up to date information

Data is automatically refreshed after 90 days to always offer you the latest information.

Use of own BI Tools

An Optional service gives you access to all the logged data of your TV Service. Create your own reports and insights to understand and grow your business.

Managing your IPTV & OTT service has never been this easy!

Please meet TVMS which stands for TV Management System. With the TVMS managing your IPTV & OTT services becomes a breeze. You do not need any coding skills or be a super techie person to work with the TVMS. Due to the logic separation of content, customers, applications and analytics each responsible person within your organization can find their way quickly around without long and tedious training sessions. 

Content Management

The CMS part of the TVMS is an allround tool where you can setup and manage various content types such as channels, movies, series, music, education and apps.

For your TV Guides we offer automated XMLTV import tools as well as a builder to create your own EPG data files.

Integrated with IBM Aspera & Akamai Netstorage the TVMS can automate your VoD workflows. 

Last but not least you can control your transcoder settings for your Channels, CatchupTV, DVR and DRM right from the TVMS this way you can do all from one location.


Customers & Products

One of the most important parts of a successful TV service is giving good support. Our CRM gives your support agents all the tools they need to do so.


The TVMS offers a full reseller model with unlimited sublevels. A reseller is a company that sells your services to their customers with a co-branding option.


TVMS is integrated with a bunch of webshops such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, BigCommerce, WHCMS and many others.


It’s also possible to connect any 3rd party system to the TVMS with our restless API’s. This to handle customer acquisition, billing, device management and reporting & audit tools.

App Designer

With TVMS you can create your own branded applications from 5 base templates.  The applications target 15 different platforms such as, IOS, TVOS, FireTV, AndroidTV, Android, WebOS LG, Samsung Tizen, Roku, Linux, Windows, Xbox, Playstation and WebTV.

Each created User Interface can be attached to one or more products this way you can create a special User Interface for each of your target segments like Residential, Bulk and Hospitality for example.

Our onboarding support team will even assist you with setting up your app stores for easy and fast application submission and approval.

Service Analytics

What is a good service without a good analytics tool. The TVMS uses Google Big Query to track any kind of action your customers do in the applications. 

This way you get a detailed insight in the performance of your content and features, giving you the tools to finetune your TV service to run in the most optimal way both commercial and content wise.

The TVMS comes with a pack of standard setup reports, should this not be enough then you can connect your favourite BI tool or audit software to our system and generate your custom queries.

TVMS Integrations

The TVMS is already connected with a lot of webshop, billing and backoffice platforms. This is a continuous process where we are adding new platforms each month.

Next to the ready to go platforms you can also use our restless API’s to connect to your own platform of choice. The API’s in combination with a self build platform give the most flexibility.

If you want us to do the integration of your favorite platform then we are happy to assist your there.

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