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What makes your CloudTV ideal for operators?

· September 1, 2017
Streaming the amazing content with endless choice has become the greatest choice for all the operators!

Streaming the amazing content with endless choice has become the greatest choice for all the operators!

Well in today’s world streaming media online is rapidly growing about anything you want to watch- movies, TV shows, live sports, news and music with the help of CloudTV! Isn’t it great?

Yes, it is great! Before indulging in its deep explanation, let’s discuss its basic meaning; CloudTV is a cloud-based software platform for multi screen operators allowing them to avail the OTT TV services. There is no doubt that Cloud TV gives companies the backbone to get into the TV business fast and of course hassle-free.

CloudTV is available on more than 15 million devices; it is lime-lighted especially among the video service providers who bring advanced user interfaces and online video experiencing such as Hulu and YouTube to next generation televisions & IPTV is an accurate instance. Let’s get into its detail that how it virtualizes CPE or STB functionality, enabling pay-TV operators:

IPTV set-top box is one of the optimal streaming players that connect consumers’ electronic devices. With the provision of OTT TV services, it manages media content and target subscribers. Given below is a list of few essential points that will help you understand about IPTV:

Just connect to your wireless network and your TV.

  1. IPTV –set-top box is available for streaming entertainment to your TV
  2. IPTV allows an unbiased search across top channels as you can find your favourite channels are free or cheapest to watch across top channels.
  3. IPTV allows you to search through a wide selection of paid or free channels — by actor, title, or director — using your IPTV set-top box -media player or voice search and a lot more you can do with your IPTV!

Major insights for the medium that brings you the entertainment:

The one who is solely responsible for letting video service operators provide the streaming entertainment is none other than Middleware IPTV.

Middleware IPTV is an independent service provider that provides the fastest and the quickest solutions for the adaptive streaming with the quality of experience, even over congested networks.

Middleware IPTV obtains the cloud-based model that allows companies to test-drive their platform and deploy it without any overheads. The Middleware IPTV also ensures the high availability and disaster recovery and turns TV apps into the best viewing experience available.