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MwareTV’s TV Platform V10 with the no-code drag drop App Builder wins CSI’s Highly Recommend Award

· September 29, 2023
Highly Recommend Award in the category Best cloud or virtualisation innovation for @MwareTV's TV Platform V10 with the no-code drag and drop App Builder.

MwareTV is a software company offering a turnkey, cloud-based TV platform. It provides a unified, simple middleware solution for all video services, including live streaming, catchuptv, cloud PVR, movies, series, and also for audio services like music and podcasts. And soon games as well.

The cloud-hosted IPTV OTT service from MwareTV provides all the functionality needed, from content acquisition to delivery, including apps for multiple platforms. The TV Management System (TVMS) can be described as the cloud based ERP system for media based services and includes modules for content management, product management, subscriber management, an OTT optimized billing system with integrated shopping card and payment gateways. Furthermore  Dashboards to manage the service, reporting engine and an API builder to configure APIs for integration with other systems.

The platform includes highly customizable apps available across 15 device platforms.

Designing TV App hassle-free

The latest version of the core TV management system (TVMS) includes a new WYSIWG App Builder which allows anyone to design a completely tailored and branded experience on any device. With the App Builder you can now create user experiences with exactly the features you want to give your subscribers, and have it look exactly the way you want with absolutely zero programming knowledge.

MwareTV’s App Builder supports all the common platforms, including iOS, Android and AndroidTV, TVOS, FireTV, WebOS, Tizen, WebTV and Lightning Framework enabled devices. There are templates to get users started, with the ability to modify them completely, with 9 menu types, 33 home page widgets and a practically unlimited number of set-ups. All of this can be individually styled and branded for the look and feel you need, this paired with strong underlying functionality like extended metadata, recommendations and series linking, and automated parental control.

Our customers include cable and telecommunication companies, ISPs, mobile operators, marketing organizations and content owners. They all partner with MwareTV to offer a TV and or VoD service to their subscribers, either on their own network, or over the public internet (OTT).

The issue

Specifically, tier 2 and tier 3 telecom operators in developed countries, and even some tier 1 operators in developing countries, are looking to generate revenue by offering video services to their subscribers. In order to do that, these services require both integration and a well-balanced configuration of several building blocks. In many cases the operators don’t have the knowledge, staff capacity or time resources available in order to develop their own solution, or even to engage with a system integrator to develop the service for them.

There are a number of key requirements that companies need to consider when looking to launch their own TV or VoD service. They need to search for a solution that;

  • provides state of the Art end user experiences tailored to the local needs and on a Tier 1 telco grade comparable level as consumers are used to video services of the market leaders. They expect the same from their local providers.
  • supports a multitude of consumer devices as each country will differ in preferences
  • offer apps that are aesthetically appealing to the consumer and easy to use
  • can be tailored to accurately reflect the corporate branding of the operator
  • includes all the technology behind the screens to start the service
  • intuitive onboarding process to register and take subscriptions
  • automated renewal process to minimize churn
  • is highly scalable to support subscriber growth
  • offers exceptional reliability and maintains a high quality of service
  • is cost effective with limited up-front investment
  • fast to deploy
  • can easily integrate with third-party systems
  • is simple to use by operators’ staff
  • comes with 24/7 support


The solution

MwareTV has developed a complete end-to-end cloud-based platform to manage and deliver both live streaming and video on demand services. This is a proven product, in highly successful commercial use around the world.

It is important to understand that this is a true cloud-native system. It does not simply transfer a hosted solution to the cloud: it has been developed from the ground up using the best current practice in design and implementation for the cloud.

The MwareTV TV Management System (TVMS) is a turnkey multi-tenant cloud middleware TV platform, on top of which our template-based, highly customizable apps are available for 15 different device platforms.

The TVMS, like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, can be easily configured for the specific service the operator requires.

To complete a total solution we integrate content encoding and transcoding software, content protection/DRM, and several solutions for delivering or streaming the content, including a global content delivery network (CDN) or software to create a private CDN in the operator’s own network.

Supported devices

iPhone/iPad, AppleTV, Android phone/tablet, AndroidTV set-top box and SmartTV, Huawei App Gallery, KaiOS, Roku Media Player/SmartTV, Amazon FireTV, LG WebOS SmartTV, Samsung Tizen SmartTV, WebTV Mac/PC.


  • All the benefits of the cloud, including guaranteed uptime, unlimited scalability and outstanding performance, together with the assurance that the cloud provider is managing security and continuing hardware investment and support.
  • Cloud hosting allows “pay as you grow” models, so costs are closely aligned to revenues. This alignment of goals means that operating costs are predictable as the number of subscribers rises.
  • Cloud hosting also results in fast deployment. A fully working proof of concept system is up and running in half a day.
  • The TVMS comes with fully integrated App Builder to create tailormade Apps. Again, this speeds the service to market with no long and costly development cycles.
  • A no code platform: the management of all services can be done by operational teams, using the TVMS’ intuitive graphical user interface.
  • White label customer-facing interfaces: several user templates of the apps can be used in parallel and be customized instantly.
  • Multi-tenant operators like telecommunication companies often have multiple brands managed by separate teams. The company may want to manage one platform to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership. The MwareTV platform supports this approach. The same approach is used by service providers/system integrators that combine their own service with our platform to support their local customers all on one platform.