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· May 4, 2022
MwareTV presents its IPTV OTT platform at the stand of our partner Axing. Combined with a high quality content offering, it results in a complete solution for ISPs to offer TV Services to their subscribers.

The core MwareTV service is a television platform, based on multi-tenanted hosting in the cloud. For each service provider the solution is simple to launch and is charged on a pay as you grow basis that means there are no high up-front costs. Costs track directly to revenues, and subscription fees can be kept low, allowing the service to gain market traction quickly.

White label clients are available for web browsers, Android and Apple apps, Roku, Amazon FireTV, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS which can be easily customised to match the service’s branding.

An appealing channel line up faciltiates ISPs to offer a TV service to their subscribers.

Stand: HAll 8 A 31



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