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What are the benefits of licensed IPTV content by MwareTV

When it comes to content licensing, every region or country has its own laws and local practices.   First of all, what is IPTV? IPTV, or Internet Protocol television, is often defined as content that can only be used across the network of, for example an Internet Service Provider, or within the network of a […]

For which regions does MwareTV provide content licensing contracts?

MwareTV is able to offer content licensing for Africa, both English and French speaking countries throughout Africa (including World Cup 2022 coverage for the Sub-Sahara French speaking countries) Brazil Spanish speaking countries across South America USA   We are currently working with partners to add more countries in the future.

Include space for live support options.

FAQ pages are intended as an initial support option for customers looking for an immediate answer to a quick question or problem. It shouldn’t replace your knowledge base or your entire support team, but rather supplement your support channels as an additional, lightweight resource. When customers do have questions that extend beyond the range of […]

What are common unknown downstream costs?

You’ve likely been told the purchase costs, but don’t forget to include what’s needed in the future. How about training? What about enhancements? Support? Do you get all future version improvements for free, or what are those costs? It’s important to look several years down the road to understand the overall costs involved so you […]